Nick is the author of the popular Parkinson’s Warrior series of books. He has also been an advocate for people with Parkinson’s and has sat on the board of the American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Watch an interview I did with Seattle sports personality and person with Parkinson’s, Dave Grosby.


I have been very fortunate to have had experiences that are worthy of sharing. With Parkinson’s, I have stayed otherwise healthy, and I’ve developed what I call the Warrior Mentality. I wrote about this and more in my Parkinson’s Warrior series of books. In addition to the books, I have created an entire Facebook community of nearly 7,000 people developing and using the Warrior Mentality, helping them through their illnesses. In addition, I have written a textbook about Media Literacy (a part of my teaching and my main academic area of interest), as well as an Amazon-bestselling self-help book for anyone to develop their Inner Warrior.

Media Literacy: An essential guide to the critical thinking skills for our complex digital world (2020) is the third edition of my popular text used in classrooms around the world. The book discusses how the media work, how we can think critically about the information we receive and ways we can respond in order to improve ourselves and our communities. The book discusses different media types individually, shows how they are similar and different from one another, and includes lessons and lesson plans for in-classroom use.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior: Developing the Mindset for Overcoming Life’s Great Challenges (2023) is the only guide you need to unlock your full potential and develop the Warrior Mindset. You will learn all about defining your goals and implementing strategies and tactics to achieve them. You will learn about defining your raison d’être – your reason for being and the most important reason to undertake your challenge. Then you will learn the 11 characteristics of a Warrior and learn how to use them to your advantage.