I write. I teach. I make movies. What else do I need?

In my 25+ year career, I have done a lot and seen a lot. Some things were done just for the experience. Like making and releasing two pop songs or developing an app for people with Parkinson’s.

About me

As IMDb correctly states, I was born in Westwood, California, and growing up among friends and family in the entertainment business did something to me. When I was 11 years old, I would run on the beach and pretend I was in an exciting and suspenseful action movie. Today, I work at a much slower pace than I used to when I would produce hours of documentaries each year. Yes, today I prefer to work with local actors and crews to develop projects that have meaning to me. I’m currently writing a feature film about Parkinson’s disease – don’t worry, there will be exciting action and suspense.

Gallery (in progress)

Soon you’ll see, read, and learn more.

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