Nick has done a lot and seen a lot.


Nick is the author of the popular Parkinson’s Warrior series of books. He has also been an advocate for people with Parkinson’s and has sat on the board of the American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Watch an interview I did with Seattle sports personality and person with Parkinson’s, Dave Grosby.


His master’s degree in screenwriting came in handy when Nick began teaching at Santa Monica College. He has taught as a part-time associate professor since 2006. He also taught at Cal State Northridge from 2006 to 2010. Watch an interview I did with a local Santa Monica news outlet about using technology in the classroom.


Nick has been consumed by the fever of filmmaking since 2000. Since then he has made dozens of documentaries for public television and educational use, short films, short documentaries, and even a film that has won some awards. Here is a recent article about Nick and his filmmaking philosophy.