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The Journey To Take Back My Life Has Begun

“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Laozi As I begin my journey to have Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to help alleviate my Parkinson’s symptoms, I thought it would be good to keep a journal of all the ups and downs along the way. I’ve been battling Parkinson’s Disease since I was about 30 years…

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Is Revealing My Parkinson’s Diagnosis Career Suicide?

When I was diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2011 at age 33, I was full-swing into my career as a media studies professor in California. Up until that point, I had been writing for journals, speaking at conferences, and applying for tenure-track positions. That all changed once the symptoms became too much for an ambitious young academic to bear. I…

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Thoughts On Happiness

Originally published on Everywhere I look today, it seems that someone is talking about how to achieve happiness. Whether it’s on television, on any number of blogs, and especially on websites like Medium, authors are hitting a nerve with audiences who are obsessed with finding happiness but for some reason can’t achieve it in their lives. Unhappiness is a…

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Bio-hacking Parkinson’s Disease

This originally appeared on Parkinson’s Disease is an incurable progressive movement disorder that leaves the body unable to move. As anyone with PD will tell you, the disease affects you differently each day, and this leads to added stress, frustration, and depression. After a while of living with the illness, it’s difficult not to think you’re at your life’s…

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