TeleBEEM was the first tech company I founded in 2009. It was the wild west of app development and we managed to capitalize on that mentality by developing educational, entertainment, and even security products – wherever there was a need in the market, we would try something new.

As a company, we actually started making apps for BlackBerry phones. We easily transitioned into Android phones, since both types of apps were based on Java code. We made a lot of mistakes. There was money to be made, and we made some, but we also lost a lot.

Overall, this was a great experience. We followed the market and found our way, but ultimately there was no meaning in the work we did.
In 2017, seeing a gap in the market, and looking to take a more serious and purposeful approach to software development, my wife and I co-founded Connected Neurosciences. Our goal was to create a suite of apps that people with Parkinson’s could use to track their illness. Kind of like a Fitbit for Parkinson’s. The app brought together the functionality of multiple apps at the time, all into one package. Instead of ads or in-app purchases, we made the entire app available for purchase for a one-time fee. We also valued our customers’ privacy, so we never ever collected any data from customers.

Development was strong between 2017 and 2020, but it has since languished, still working perfectly, but we haven’t added new features in a while.