I love media and technology, and I have managed to build a career in which I can meld the two. Most of the work I have been involved in has been my own projects and I have been the leader and head producer/developer on each. Please click below to learn more about my various works.


Understand Media – I launched this educational website in 2004 and it as since become one of the top websites to learn about media literacy and media education. I am constantly adding new content and new topics like digital citizenship.

Carmelina Films – This company operated from 2004 until 2012, producing educational documentaries that are still in worldwide distribution. Topics included media literacy, educational technology, and social media.


Github – This is my repository of open source software. These are mostly small projects that serve as starting points for larger projects.

Connected Neurosciences – I founded this company in 2016 to develop software for people with neurological conditions to track their day-to-day symptoms. The initial focus is to help people with Parkinson’s, but I will be working on new products as time permits.


Power2Girls – In 2015, while attending the MBA program at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, I co-founded a non-profit organization called Power2Girls, along with four MPA students at the University of Washington. Our goal was to teach young girls in Ghana about sugar daddies, a leading cause of teenage pregnancy and HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa. We created the project as an entrant to that year’s D-Prize competition. We won first place and ran our program in the summer of 2016, reaching 1,500 students in a three-month period.

Teaching & Speaking

I have had the good fortune to have taught part-time at my alma maters while also working full-time on my own projects. It has been wonderfully fulfilling to teach the next generation of media professionals at Santa Monica College, and at California State University Northridge.I have taught several of the classes I took as an undergrad, it was a great experience to guide others as I had been guided. From 2007 until 2011, I also spoke about media and technology at a variety of conferences,including the California-based Computer Using Educators Conference.

Volunteer Work

I grew up with the idea that, if you have a special in-demand skill, it is your responsibility to use those skills to better your community. Over time, I have served as a board member for various organizations. Here are just a few.

  • Action for Media Education
  • Telemedia Council
  • King County Civil Rights Commission
  • UW Foster MBA Association
  • City of Redmond, Business Fee and Tax Advisory Committee